Re-name the Chennai Airport as "Rajaraja Cholan International Airport"

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Re-name the Chennai Airport as "Rajaraja Cholan International Airport" and Thirutchiraappalli (Thirutchi) Airport as "Rajendra Cholan International Airport"

The Medieval Cholas were the greatest "Tamil Ruling Dynasty" of Tamil Nadu and 'India as a whole' - in its 2500 years of recorded History. They were ardent "Tamil Saivites" and built many magnificient temples to God Siva in Tamil Nadu, and in Andhra, Karnataka, Kerala, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, China and Malaysia. However they also patronised greatly the Vedism, Vaishnavaism, Jainism and Buddhism.

They also arranged settlements of "Tamil Saivite Priests" (Pidaarer) within Tamil Nadu and named them as "Mangalams". Subsequently when Cholas also patronised Vedism they arranged settlements of "Sanskrit Vedic Priests" within Tamil Nadu brought-in from the Northern regions of India and named them as "Chathurvedi Mangalams".

"The great importance" attached to the two Chola Emperors namely the "Rajaraja Cholan - 1" and his talented son "Rajendra Cholan - 1' - the great sons of the soil (Thamil Mannin Mainther) of medieval period Tamil Nadu "is so much" that they need 'much more' recognition "than any others" among the Tamils of yesteryear and present day Tamil Nadu.

Rajaraja Cholan - 1(A.D.985-1014)

Rajaraja Cholan - 1 captured around "three quarter region of then India" which included whole of - Tamil Nadu (Paandiya Nadu, Thondai Nadu, Kongu Nadu), Kerala (Kanthalur Saalai {Venadu} Kudamalainadu {Cheranadu}, Kollam and Uthakai {Ooty}, south and central Andhra (Seetpuli Nadu, Paaki Nadu, Vengi Nadu), south and central Karnaataka (Gangaipaadi, Thadikaipaadi, Nolambapadi, Tuluva Nadu), south Orrisa (Kalingam), lower half of Maharashtra (Malava), south Haryaana (Kuru Nadu), northern half of Sri Lanka (Elam) and the Maldive & Laccadive Islands (Palantivukal) and created the great Chola empire.

In commemoration built a great architectural monument - a gigantic temple dedicated to God Siva in the year A.D.1010 'entirely in granite stone' going to a height of 216 ft (the tallest building of then India) named
"Rajarajaeswarem" (also known as Periya Koyil - the present Brahatheeswarem) at Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu the former captal city of Cholas.

The first is the Image of the Thanjai Rajarajeswarem temple. The second is the Image of a modern portrait sculpture of Rajaraja Chola - 1 installed outside the Thanjai Rajarajeswarem Temple (Periya Koyil). The stone Images of Tamil Emperors Rajaraja Chola - 1 and Rajendra Chola - 1 on the front - side wall panels of the main entrance to the Muhamandapam leading to the 'Karuvarai' (Moolasthanam) of the Thanjavur Rajarajaeswarem temple Courtesy: Sridhar Creations, and Selvi - "Meenakshi" - A "Classic Documentary" - created by this 13 Years old Girl from Nilgiris (Neelagiri) in Tamil Nadu, an example of a good Documentary Video Production with much details in the script, given in correct sequence, with much clarity in spoken words, and with clear Videography.

Rajendra Cholan - 1(A.D.1012-1044)

His able son Rajendra Cholan - 1 initially captured the kingdoms of the Island (Goa) Santhimativu of India, whole of Maldive Islands (Palpalanthivukal), whole of Sri Lanka (Elamadalam muluvathum)

Thereafter he concentrated on the mainland India and captured the kingdoms of Banavaasi of the present west Karnataka (Vanavasi), north Karnataka (Idaithurai Nadu) and Mannaikkadakkam of north Karnataka (Mannaikonda Cholan), the Kulpark (Kollippaakai) of west Andhra, the Chalukiyan territory of south Maharaastra Irrataipaadi (Irrataipaadikonda Cholan).

After a spell of few years he made a great expedition toward the Gangetic region and towards North-West India against the continuous Muslim invasions of north-west India by Mahumad of Gazni from Afganistan, and captured more regions of then India than that by his father which included the present north Andhra (Sakkarakottam) from where his branched off into two groups. The first group of his army moved towards the Gangatic region and captured the present region of central Orrisa (Oddavishayam), the Bangaladesh and West Bengal (Vangala desam), the north Chattisgarh (Kosalai Naadu), the north Orissa (Thandabuththi), the south Jharkhand (Thakkana Laadam), and reached the great river Ganges (Gangaikonda Cholan), crossed further beyond and captured the north Jharkhand (Uttara Laadam) along the East India

All these victories made him construct another magnificient architectural monument - also a temple dedicated to God Siva 'entirely in granite stone' going to a height of 186 ft named "Gangaikonda Cholaeswarem", at his newly built Chola capital city named the "Gangaikonda Cholapuram", and a sacred water tank too was built for this temple named "Chola Gangam" (in the present Ariyalur district), where the water from river Ganges brought in pots after his victory over Gangetic region were poured into to make it more sacred..

The second group of his army went towards the north-west of India from Sakkarakkoattam direct to the Mathuramandalam crossing the Kalachuria, Chandella and Paramara kingdoms in between, enabled by the friendly ties the Cholas had with these countries. Chola forces thus captured the kingdoms of the present Mathura of west Uttar Pradesh (Mathuramandalam) the north Haryana (Namanaikkonam), the east Punjab of India (Panchappalli), the north Punjab also of Pakistan (Maasunidesam) and the south Kashmir (Athinagar the Purvadesam - Purva means ancient). The great Tamil Kerala Epic - Manimekalai specifically states that "Purvadesam - was in the Gandhara country" which encompassed the south Kashmir region.

The second expedition of the forces of Rajendra Cholan - 1 that went towards Mathuramandalam of north-west of India, was to assist his ally Paramara Bhoja of Malawa of south Madya Pradesh to fight against the continuous invasions of Mahumad of Gazni of west Afghanistan, and also relieve the kingdoms that already fell victims to his invasions, namely the Kanyakubja, Mathura, Namanaikkonam, Panchappalli, Masunidesam and Athinagar (Purvadesam of the Gandhara territory) the present Kashmir-Sind region of India and South Pakistan which was successfully achieved - with "Mahummad of Gazni" retreating back to "Gazni his capital in Afganistan".

The above Image is that of Rajendra Chola - 1 receiving the blessings of God Siva with the dressing of Flower Garland on his Hair knots. The first two are the Images of the Gangaikonda Cholaeswarer temple

Therafter he turned his attention far overseas in South-East Asia, and further undertook a big war expedition "with large fleet of ships to South & South-East Asian countries", and captured - the kingdoms of Malaysia the present Kedah and Perak states (Kadaarem) {Kadaremkonda Cholan}, the present Kelantan and Negiri Sembilan states (Valaipandur), the present Johore which included the present Singapore Island (Mayirudingam), the kingdoms of Sumatra of Indonesia the present Palembang, Lampung, states (Sri Vijaya) {Vijayamkonda Cholan}, the present Jambi, Perkanbaru states (Malaiyur), the present Banga Island in between Malaysia and Sumatra (Mevilibankam), the present region of Pane (Pannai), the present Lemuri state (Ilamuridesam), the kingdom of Pegu of south Miyanmar the former Burma (Maa-Pappaalam), the kingdoms of Thailand namely the present Langasuka state (Ilankasokam), the present Takua-Pa (Thalai-Takkolam) the present Tamalingam state (Maa-Thamalingam) and the present Nicobar & Andaman Islands (Maa-Nakkavaaram) and formed a great Chola Overseas Empire in the year A.D.1025". This is why a non-Tamil modern Historian has referred to Rajaraja Chola - 1 and his son Rajendra Chola -1 as "kings of World Stature".

Historically with the fall of the 'Sri Vijaya Empire' of 'Indonesia and Malaysia' to Cholas, the "Tamil Chola Empire" became the biggest Empire of the World of this period A.D.1025-1073, while the Chinese and the Kampuchean Empires of this same period became the 'second' and the 'third' in power.

The Cholas had good trade and political relations with the Chinese Empire of that period under the Buddhist Sung dynasty, the Sri Vijaya Empire of Indonesia under the Buddhist Chulamanivarman dynasty - which earlier ruled over the present Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, and with Kampuchea (Cambodia) under Hindu Suriyavarman dynasty. It was during the period of these two Tamil Chola Emperors, many Chola trade and political Embassies were sent to Imperial Courts - of the Sung dynasty of the Chinese empire and to the Sri Vijaya empire of Indonesia. Many Buddhist Monks from China and Sumatra (then Sri Vijaya) and also from Sri Lanka too visited Nagapattinam and Kanchipuram the two important Buddhist centres of Tamil Nadu.

During the period of Rajaraja Chola - 1 and Rajendra Chola - 1, Tamil Nadu flourished in every direction with much development in Tamil - Language, Literature, Music, Dance, Drama, Temple and Civil Architecture & Construction, Sculpture (Stone & Bronze), Painting, and other Fine Arts. It was under them the Chola empire had a well knit Chola Administrative System, and had much active Overseas Trade activities especially with the South-East Asian countries and China. The Indian Religions namely the Saivaism, Vaishnavaism, Vedism, Buddhism and Jainism too flourished under their patronage

Many Tamils of the Tamil Nadu of today, are not aware of their "Glorious History" of the past and the greatness of their Traditional Tamil Kingdoms from the time immemorial, namely the Chera (in Kerala), Chola, Paandiya - kingdoms, and the kingdoms of the Thondaimandalam, Kongu and Aye (in Kerala) regions, and of the rich "Tamil Culture and Traditions" that has developed within these regions.

So it is a prime necessity that the Tamils of Tamil Nadu be made fully aware of them. This is why the name of the Chola Emperor Rajaraja Chola - 1 should be given to the Chennai Airport, and 'also' it will be 'more appropriate' to name the Thirutchiraappalli Airport as the "Rajendra Cholan International Airport" after the Chola Emperor Rajendra Chola - 1 to give a Worldwide exposure to them - the sons of the soil (Thamil Mannin Mainthar). Also it should be noted the foremost among the two great Chola Emperors of Tamil Nadu referred above namely the Rajendra Chola - 1 (A.D.1012-1044) was coronated in the year A.D.1014 with the death of his great father the Emperor Rajaraja Chola - 1 (A.D.985-1014).

Note: The length of the name is comparable with the names of some International Airports and other Airports of India as listed below:

(1) Thirutchirappalli International Airport
(2) Visakapattnam Airport
(3) Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
(4) Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Airport
(5) Sardar Vallabbhai Patel International Airport
(6) Charan Singh Internatinal Airport
(7) Nethaji Subas Chandra Bose International Airport etc etc.
(8) Bangalore International Airport was renamed as Kempegowda International Airport

This year being A.D.2014 is the '1000-th Year Anniversary of accession of the "Tamil Emperor Rajendra Chola - 1" on Chola throne - the greatest in the recorded history of Tamil Nadu and India". It will be the correct occasion to rename the Thirutchiraapalli International Airport as "Rajendra Cholan International Airport" to give a Worldwide exposure to this greatest emperor of Tamil Nadu, and "it will be a great event in the history of Tamil Nadu" should the present Government of Tamil Nadu and all Opposition Political Parties (without any difference among themselves) and all Tamil Cultural and Religious Organisations "throughout Tamil Nadu" celebrate this great occasion with - Public Meetings & Historical Seminars, Tamil Historical & Cultural Exhibitions, and many Tamil Fine Arts Festivals - held throughout Tamil Nadu, and also special Thiru-Vilaas held at Thanjavur - Rajarajeswarem temple & Gangaikonda Cholapuram - Gangaikonda Cholaeswarer temple, in salutation to this great "Thamil Mannin Mainthan"

It will be also "more fitting" "if a statue of Rajendra Chola - 1 is carved on granite stone as a living monument in memory of this greatest Tamil Emperor", and installed at Gangaikonda Cholapuram in the vicinity of Gangaikonda Cholaeswarer Temple in Ariyalur district". Courtesy: G.Muniswamy and YouTube


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