A brief study on the Ethinic Wear of Tamil Men of Tamil Nadu

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A brief study on the Ethinic Wear of Tamil Men of Tamil Nadu

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In the present day Tamil Nadu the Tamil Women are found more dressy and presentable at all Functions than the Men accompanying them be it their Husbands, Brothers, or Fathers. While section of Tamil Men of the present day Tamil Society of Tamil Nadu are aware of their traditional Tamil Costumes of the past and wear same very elegantly and neatly at all important Functions, fairly high percentage of them are still not aware of their traditional Tamil Men's Wear, "and dress at random and in many instances their Wives are more neatly dressed, while the Husbands are "not dressy enough and presentable to keep in par with their own Wives" at important Social and Wedding Functions. In these Functions 'too' some Men are seen dressed in Tee-Shirts, Denim Trousers, Hair not properly coambed, unshaven and oily Faces, and even if Shirts are worn 'that too' are with some buttons open. Probably many Tamils had forgotton their own Traditional Dress Forms and their traditions of neatly and smartly dressing for such Social Functions due to the Cultural Waves of the Western Countries and of many other States of India that hit Tamil Nadu over past many decades.

The Traditional Mens wear of Men of Tamil Nadu was the "Vetti (Vesti) and as Dhotti in the other States of India" either in Pattu Nool for special occasions and Functions, and of Paruththi Nool for normal day to day wear. Over the shoulder covering the upper part of their body was the "Saalwai" of the same material according to the occasion of the wear. The Vetti and Saalwai are referred to as "Mundu" and "Kasavu" in Kerala (the former Tamil Chera Nadu one among the former Muth-Thamil Nadu). The Vetti and Saalwai combination is complimented by "Mel-Angi with long sleeves" known as "Jubba" in Kerala or with short sleeves making it a Vetti and Mel-Angi combination. For special occasions the "Vetti" is dressed in combination both with "Mel-Angi having long sleeves" and "Saalwai".

The colour of these combination be it with Paruththi Nool or Pattu Nool should be "either white or very light cream" colour. The Pattu Nool combinations are usually worn for Wedding Ceremonies and very special Social Functions. The Paruththi Nool combinations are normally worn for Temples, Religious Functions, other Social and Political Functions.

The present day combination of "Bush Shirt" with "Vetti" could be used for Normal Office Wear. But as a "Special Office Wear" and at "Stately Occasions" the combination most suited is the "White colored Mel-Angi" with long sleeves and "Vetti" with or without "Saalwai" - which is also the best Dress Code for the MLA's (Members of the Legislative Assembly) of Tamil Nadu, as against the "Bush Shirt" and "Vetti" combination, for them to have a "very stately appearence".




















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