Ban all Liquor Shops & Sales throughout Tamil Nadu immediately

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Ban all Liquor Shops & Sales throughout Tamil Nadu immediately

It is very distressing to note that the "TASSMARK" Wine Shops throughout Tamil Nadu have made many "Native Tamilians" and others - especially from the economically middle and lower rungs of the society - to patronise same and becoming heavy drunkards, loosing their Proper Senses and Reasoning Power, and also loosing their Health - destroying their future and their family peace and well-being. Further they soon become addicted and slaves to Liquor (Wines), and commit grave crimes and be a potential threat and insecurity to the society in Tamil Nadu - especialy to the young girls and women.

Many "Native Tamilians" being addicted to Liquor "especially the youngsters" creates a "very heavy 'dearth' (i.e. scarcity)" of clear-thinking, intelligent, and highly educated personnel, among the up-comming "Native Tamilians" who should have come-up as very "talented and able young men" to be great Professionals heading the Educational, Administrative, Medical, Industrial, Social Development, and Service - Institutions and Organisations both in the Government and Private - Sectors of Tamil Nadu, and as "great Tamilian Leaders" of the people of Tamil Nadu in their Political, Social, and Public life.

This vacuum paves way to the Races from other States of India settled in Tamil Nadu to 'dominate them and occupy' - the upper rungs of the Government Public Services and high positions in the Private Companies "in the own motherland of the Native Tamilians". Hence it is very essential all "TASSMARK" Liquor Sales Shops throughout Tamil Nadu, and all Private Liquor Manufacturing Factories in Tamil Nadu be closed, and also a ban be imposed on the Import of Elite Liquor from Foreign Countries immediately like in Kerala from the year 2015, for the benefit and better future of all "Native Tamilians" of Tamil Nadu - to prevent them loosing their Proper Senses thereby their Reasoning and Executing Powers to Develop Themselves, their Families, and their Country, with every Family being elevated to high Social and Economic levels and Better Living, from what they are now in Tamil Nadu A "Call" to all Educated & Talented Tamilians of Tamil Nadu spread World over - to come back and take to Politics in Tamil Nadu, to serve their Motherland in it's overall development.

Four Kurals selected from the Ancient Tamil Code of Ethics "Tirukkural" (2046 years old) composed by Tamil Sage/Poet Thiruvalluvar on "Abstinence from Liquor"

உண்ணற்க கள்ளை - உணில் உண்க சான்றோரான்
எண்ணப் படவேண்டா தார்
. 922

நாண் என்னும் நல்லாள் புறங்கொடுக்கும் - கள்ளென்னும்
பேணாப் பெருங்குற்றத் தார்க்கு. 924

கையறி யாமை உடைத்தே பொருள்கொடுத்து
மெய்யறி யாமை கொளல்
. 925

துஞ்சினார் செத்தாரின் வேறல்லர் - எஞ்ஞான்றும்
நஞ்சுண்பார் கள்ளுண் பவர்

Further the Tamil Adults and the up-comming Tamil Younger Generation "should shed their false notions & values" - that wearing Tee-Shirts and Denim Trousers talking in Elocution and accent filled English, eating Western foods and snacks from Fast Food outlets with international network, and going to Pubs and taking hard drinks saying "cheers", going for late-night Parties going beyond mid-night and dancing their way to the Western tunes and drunk and fallen in some cases, and next day morning sleeping upto late morning with heavy heads, regarded as the "modern ways of Life" of the Tamils of Tamil Nadu - but to endevour to follow the rich traditions and ethics of the Tamil way of life "wherever possible", irrespective of which part of the Tamil Nadu they are residing in, and the social background they are coming from - whether from "rich and elite" Tamil social circles or from medium and less fortunate family circles.

In the above the "Gangai Kondaan" means, one who captured the region of the great river "Gangai" in Northern India after his conquer of many other kingdoms upto north of India, and the "Kadarem Kondaan" means one who captured the great "Kadarem kingdom" - then situated at the present region of "Kedah in Malaysia" along with 'many other countries near overseas and far overseas in South and South-East Asia - and were the titles given to Rajendra Chola - 1 (A.D.1011-1044) on his stupendous achivements - the "greatest Tamil Chola Emperor of Tamil Nadu and India in their 2500 years of recorded history".

A Video on - மதுவிலக்கும் அரசியலும் - ஆயுத எழுத்து 21.07.2015



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