Rajarajeswarem Temple should be under the trusteeship of Tamil Nadu Inthu Aranilayam

Thread started by virarajendra on 28th November 2016 09:39 PM

The Thanjavur Rajarajeswarem Temple should be under the trusteeship of "Tamil Nadu - Inthu Aranilayam"

The "Greatest living "Historical Monument of Tamilian Pride" - is the "Thanjavur Rajarajaeswarem Thirukkoyil" (also known as 'Birahatheeswarem Temple' and as 'Thanjai Periya Koyil'). This magnificient architectural monument was constructed by Rajaraja Chola - 1 (A.D.985 - 1014) one of the two "greatest Tamil emperors of Tamil Nadu" to commemorate his great achievement of having built the mighty "Tamil Chola Empire" which encompassed three forth of India and the countries overseas. Presently this temple is still under the trusteeship of the decendents of "Maraatiyar Kings", instead of it being under the trusteeship of "Tamil Nadu - Inthu Aranilayam". However in view of all what is happening to Tamil Nadu Temples under the pretext of "Renovations" under them it is much wiser to appoint a Board comprising of "Eminent Educated Native Tamil Saivite Personnel" of Tamil Nadu, who are intellectuals highly dedicated in the field of "Tamil Saivaism" Religion and in "Tamil Language and Culture" - and 'not left' purely in the hands of "Tamil Nadu Inthu Aranilayam" .




All "Tamil Saivites of Tamil Nadu" should jointly endevour 'very hard' - to ensure that the Trusteeship of ''Thanjai Rajarajeswarem Thirukkoyil" is released from the grips of the 'present decendents' of the last "Maraatiyar king of Thanjavur". "The Mannar Aatchi" has now ended after the British Goverment gave independence to India and the Tamil Nadu is now under the "Makkal Aatchi". Hence it is nothing but correct for the Tamil Nadu Goverment to take "immediate action to bring this "Greatest Historic Temple - a Pride of all Tamilians of Tamil Nadu and the World over, to be brought under the purview and Trusteeship of the "Special Board comprising of "Eminent Educated Native Tamil Saivite Personnel of Tamil Nadu" - immediately.


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