Chithamparam Temple should be under the trusteeship of Tamil Nadu - Inthu Aranilayam

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Brought forward - On the occasion of the sad demise of "Sivanadiyaar Arumuga Swamy" who fought for his legitimate right to sing "Tamil Thevara Thirumurai Paadalkal" from the Chittrambalam Medai at the "Sen Thamilar then Koyil" the "Thillai Aadavallaan Thirukkoyil (Chithambaram Koyil)" - a request which was granted and the Temple too was brought under the purview of the "Thamilalka Inthu Ara Nilayam" by then DMK Government by an 'Official Order'. This was challenged by the Temple Theetchithars (Deekshits) of the Temple during the subsequent ADMK rule, and very very unfortunately the Temple was di-vested back to the Deekshits.

The Chithamparam Temple (Thillai Aadavallaan Thirukkoyil) should be under the trusteeship of Tamil Nadu - Inthu Aranilayam

The "Thillai Aadavallaan Thirukkoyil" (also known as 'Chithambaram Temple') which has been an important temple associated with "Tamil Saivaism" heavily patronised and developed by the Tamil Chola Emperors and which was under the purview of "Tamil Nadu Inthu Ara Nilayam", again went into the hands of "Theetchithar who are decendents of the Vedic Priests who migrated from Andhra Pradesh", and who are deterring the practice of "Tamil Saivaism", "singing of Tamil Thevaarap pathikamkal of Thirumuraikal within the temple", and in the "re-introduction of the age old Tamil Saivite Othuvaar system which was introduced into Saivite Temples by the great Rajaraja Chola - 1 and was in practice for many long years".

"Theetchithar" (Deekshithars) are Vedic Priests from Andhra Pradesh who came into "Thillai Thalam" during the period of rule of Naayakkar kings of Thanjavur, dominated and suppressed with royal patronage - the Tamil Saivite Priests and other Priests from Gauda Desa already conducting Temple Rituals at Thillai Aadavallaan Thirukkoyil. With the commencement of Naayakkar rule over "Thillai" it was renamed as "Chithamparam" around the year A.D.1535 under the king Sevappa Naayakkar ruling from Thanjavur.

"The massive Aadavallaan Thirukkoyil (Chithamparam Nadarajar Temple) complex", all it Properties & Assets - namely the Lands and the incomes from them, the Iympon & Bronze Icons of Deities, the Temple Jewellery, the Gold & Money - were donations and endowments made essentially by the Pallava, Chola and Pandiya Kings to this Temple - the great Religious Centre of the World Tamil Saivite Community.

Hence all Properties and Assets of this Temple at any time rightly belongs to the entire Word Tamil Saivite Community.
Same should not be made the "Sole Property" of a handfull of "Deekshithar" - the Vedic Priests from Andhra, who came to limelight only after the fall of the Naayakkar Kings and took complete control of same claiming themselves as "Sole Owners" of the - "Sen Thamilar Thenkoyil" as referred in the Tamil Inscription in this temple, of the period of Vikkrama Cholan (A.D.1118-1136) as follows:.

'......thenVenthan koon nimirththa "Senthamilar thenkoyil
pon meinthu
" thikkai pukal veinthaan - onnaarkku
kuttram pala kandoan koal illaikkum velKooththan
"Sittrambalaththile" sentru......'
South Indian Inscriptions - Vol 4, Page 33, Chidambaram Kalvettukal

"Deekshithars" or their fore-fathers never built this Temple for them to become the "absolute owners" of the Temple, and they were never referred to as Thillaivaal Anthanar at any time, but only as "Deekshithar". This is a Temple built developed and sections added time to time by the Tamil kings of Tamil Nadu, which are confirmed by the Tamil Inscriptions on the Temple itself which have been already copied and published in "South Indian Inscriptions Vol 4" etc. There are no references whatsoever to "Deekshithars" in any Inscriptions of this Temple.

Further they also replaced the "Tamil Saivite (Agamic) form of worship" of this Temple with the "Sanskrit Vedic form of worship" and also discontinued the practice of Othuvaars singing "Thevarems" (Thiruppathikam) from the Tamil Thirumuraikal at this temple.

Hence it is very essential that all "Tamil Saivites in Tamil Nadu and World over" should vehementally protest against this Temple being re-privatised, and becoming the "Sole Property of a handfull of Deekshithars", and should take every endevour to see same comes under the purview and complete control of the "Inthu Araneri Thurai of Tamil Nadu"

The Former Chief Minister C.N.Annadurai of Tamil Nadu refers to the above unfortunate situation in many Saivite and Vaishnavite - Temples of Tamil Nadu as follows:

".....Thamilanukku Thamil Naattille Thamilarin panaththaal katti, Thamilarin panaththaal paraamarikkapadum "Koyilkalile" Thamilarrkku sama urimai illai......!!! "

Thamilarin Marumalarchchi - By C.N.Annadurai, page 47


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