How should be the "future next" Chief Minister, Ministers, and MLA's of Tamil Nadu

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How should be the "future next" "Chief Minister", "Ministers", and "MLA's" of Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly, and all "Members" of the Municipal and Village Assemblies, contesting the "forthcoming Elections in Tamil Nadu"

{Use Stereo Ear Phones or Head Phones} "Tamil Nadu" State - Official Song

Important Note: In the above song it is very correct to change the existing phrase as "....Thekkanamum Athi sirantha Dravida nal thiru Naadum....." to ".....Thekkanamum, Dravidamum, Athi sirantha "Thamil nal thiru Naadum"...." 'Thamil Thai' Song - "Thamilanange" Patriotic Song on "Tamil Nadu" by Maha Kavignar Subramanya Barathiyaar Patriotic Song on "Tamil Nadu" by Puratchi Kavignar Barathidasan


Tamil Nadu is "greatly in need" of a "Charismatic Professionally Educated "Individual" with much Inherant Inteligence, very Dynamic and Courageous, very Honest and Ethically well Disciplined and Cultured "Native Tamil Leader" as Chief Minister, with a Political Party comprising of "Ministers" who too are 'essentially' "Native Tamils" (like in "Andhra", "Karnataka", and "Kerala" where they are all their own "Native" - Telugus, Kannadas and Malayalees) - and the other "Members" (the MLA's of Tamil Nadu) too being 'majority' "Native Tamils" - all "Professionally Educated, Honest and Ethically well Disiplined and Cultured to be elected to the State Legislative Assembly, and the Members to be elected to the City Municipal Council and the Village Council Assemblies in all Districts of Tamil Nadu"

They all are to be free of "Caste Bias", "Corruption", "Bureaucracy", "Anarchy", "Vindictiveness", "Self (and Family) Interest", and much dedicated towards complete Abolition of 'Liquor - Sales and Manufacture' and in the "General Social Welfare and Development" of all sections of people of Tamil Nadu - irrespective of their Language, Religion, Caste and to which Political Party they belong to, while ensuring the "Native Tamils" attains their "premier position" in Tamil Nadu, and enjoy a major share in every field in the routine life of the people of Tamil Nadu being the "majority community" (89.43% as per Year 2001 Ethinic Statistics of India) the "Mannin Mainthar" of the State - which has been their own 'motherland' over three thousand years.

This Leader should have a wide spectrum of knowlege on 'International - Social and Economic Developments' and a flair for 'Modern Development Thinking', while also having a very good knowlege in "Tamil" - History, Language, Culture, and in the Traditional Values and Religious Beliefs - of the Tamils of Tamil Nadu. He should be much dedicated in the Development of the Country, and be very patriotic towards "Tamil Nadu" and "Mother India

Statistics of Ethinic Groups in Tamil Nadu :

விழித்தெழு தமிழா !!! - நாளை நம் நாளே !!! - நாடும் நம் நாடே !!! "Thamila Thamila Naalai Nam Naale !! Naadum Nam Naade !!" - by Kavignar Vairamuththu A "Call" to all Educated & Talented Tamilians of Tamil Nadu spread World over - to come back and take to Politics in Tamil Nadu to save their Motherland and serve in it's overall development. (Try the Video by clicking on the term "Watch on Youtube")

**************************************** Patriotic Song on "Mother India" "Enchanting Tamil Nadu" A Melodious Musical treat - amidst a serious study on the "present day state of Tamil Nadu"


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