Students of Poor Families should enjoy same Higher Education Facilities as the Rich

Thread started by virarajendra on 2nd September 2017 10:06 PM


The Students from the Poor Families in Tamil Nadu should enjoy the same Higher Education Facilities as that enjoyed by the Students from the Rich Families - but at "No Cost" to them, and no 'Laws' should in any way curtail these privilages and aspirations of the Poor Students of Tamil Nadu.

Brought forward on the occasion of the 'Untimely Tragic Death' of the Girl Student - "Anitha" of Ariyalur Tamil Nadu, whose dream of becoming a future Doctor has been shattered. Our Sympathies to her Familly, and may her Soul Rest in peace.. (Thanthi TV News dated 30-4-2016) (Thanthi TV News dated 2-5-2016) (News7 Tamil dated 1-5-2016) (New7 TV News dated 2-9-2017)

A 'relevent Video Story' on the 'Dream of another young Girl' of becoming a Doctor is attached below. A Film by A.R.Selvam



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