A brief study on the subject of History

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A Brief Study on the subject of History

What is History

History is a systematic record of the actual events that took place in the past among a community or nation, sequenced according to the period of such events with the characters and causes that were instrumental of those events in the process of its past social activities, and a measure of quality - of the religious, cultural, and economic life, of that community or nation during various phases of it’s historical times, and their developments and depressions in these activities during each phase of their history.

Why History

History is the pride of a community or nation, and a measure of it’s past status among the global society. It is a book of guidance to that community or nation, in forging it’s future based on it’s experience - of the successes and failures met, acheivements and losses incurred from it’s past social activities, in it’s aspiration towards a much greater civilisation and superior position among the other communities or nations of the world.

Who is a Historian

Historian is an individual who by his thorough study of the religious, literary, and historical documets, stone inscriptions, copper plate grants, writings of the contemporary period local and foreign historians, and foreign travellers from other nations, archaeological remains and excavations findings of that nation, reconstructs the story of the past - of that community or nation based on the authentic evidences from these sources, ensureing that there is no bias in his writings towards any community or nation.


The Study of "Tamil Language" and "History of Tamil Nadu from Ancient Times" - should be made "Compulsory Subjects" to all Students of Tamil Nadu both in Private and Government - Schools & Colleges upto the 8th standard

Subsequent Important Addition

Much of the History of Tamil Nadu, are not known to majority of th "present day Tamils - themselves". This is mainly because of the lack of interest shown by the Tamil Elderly and the Tamil Students - who treat the knowledge of History as a secondery matter as against their quest for earning for their living by the Elderly, and aspiring for their qualifications and lucrative jobs in the fields Medicine, Engineering Accountancy, Commerce, Computer Studies & IT Technology, and Legal Studies by the Students.

It is "very essential" that they strive hard in these directions to build up their "bright - future life". and to build-up their "economic stability". But also they should show much interest to enrich their knowledge in the fields of their own History, Culture and Traditions, and in the study of the achievements of the People of their Country's past, and preserve them to the posterity of their future generations.

Today we find lack of Students taking up the study of History, Archaeology, and Epigraphy at the University Level, and very soon there will be an era when there is a heavy dearth for these Professionals, and the Studies in these fields too will meet their natural death even in the Universities, if the respective Governments of Tamil Nadu does not take a serious note of same and implement remedial measures with the provisions of adequate Funds in this direction to the Institutions concerned to correct the situation.

But 'very fortunately' we find a "new generation" of enthusiastic Tamil Professionals - like Doctors, Engineers, Accountants, Computer & IT Engineers, Lawyers, etc coming up in India and elsewhere among the Tamils, who are doing much 'studies and research' in these fields - as their "past time", and preserving their History, Culture & Traditions by writing Books on them, and publicising them in Historical & Cultural Conferences & Seminars. They are not depending for their "living and better life" from any income from these Studies, but meeting them from their own earnings "as Professionals in the other Technical, Commercial & Legal fields" as mentioned above.



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